Top 10 Best Health Insurance Companies in the World

Top 10 Best Health Insurance Companies in the World

Top 10 Best Health Insurance Companies in the World
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Top 10 Best Health Insurance Companies in the World - There has been a considerable rise in health insurance companies in the world. In the general sense, health insurance refers to insurance against loss occurring due to ill health. Health insurance benefits are administered by agencies like government, private business or not-for-profit organizations. Health insurance, like any other form of insurance, is a written agreement between two parties, the insurer and the insured. The insurer is a company which is approved by an appropriate authority and the insured is the person who seeks the insurance. Health insurance covers medical expenses if there is a case of hospitalization over 24 hours inclusive of surgery, nursing care, diagnostic tests etc. Here are ten of the world’s best health insurance companies.
1. WellPoint, Inc:
WellPoint is the largest in terms of membership and undoubtedly the best among all health insurance companies in the world. It has 34 million members in its health plans and more than 70 million insured clients when its subsidiaries are taken into account. It was created out of a merger between WellPoint Health Networks and Anthem. Its plans include preferred provider organizations (PPOs), health maintenance organizations (HMOs), point of service plans (POS), consumer-driven health plans (CDHPs) and other hybrid plans to its customers.

2. AXA PPP Healthcare:
AXA is a French global insurance group which came into inception in 1816. It is an amalgamation of independently run businesses adhering to the laws of the various countries to which it extends its services. AXA PPP Healthcare assumed shape when AXA bought Guardian Royal Exchange (GRE). It extends its support to 57 countries across the world. One of the biggest contributors to the success of AXA is the provision of International Insurance to the person and the person’s family members, wherever they may be.

3. Tata AIG Health Investor Plan:
Tata AIG Life Insurance Company Limited was formed under collaboration between Tata sons and AIA Group Limited. Tata sons hold a majority stake in the company (74%). It commenced operations in India on April 1, 2001. The Tata AIG Life Health Investor plan offers high cover against 12 critical illnesses and surgeries besides providing for a higher degree of health coverage. One can also enjoy the benefits for the entire policy term by paying only a limited amount of premium.

4. ICICI Lombard Health Insurance:
ICICI Lombard GIC Limited is the largest private sector insurance company in India founded in 2001 with its headquarters in Mumbai. ICICI Lombard health insurance provides a one policy premium for the whole family under which a single premium takes care of hospitalization expenses for the entire family. The company also provides income tax benefits to its customers and there is considerably less paperwork involved in obtaining an ICICI health insurance policy. Due to its sheer size in India, ICICI Lombard figures in the list of best health insurance companies in the world.

The American Family Life Insurance Company was founded in 1955 and has extended its services in providing health, life and accident insurance. It has over 60000 trusted agents catering to 40 million people nationwide. AFLAC provides coverage options for employees and individuals alike. Through its unique plans it pays benefit for hospital stay (if more than 23 hours), pays for fees related to doctor visits, diagnostic tests and hospitalization, provides for cost of staying in an Intensive Care Unit, pays in the event of a heart attack, coma or a specific health event covered under the insurance policy and pays for chemotherapy, radiation and hospitalization.

6. Apollo Munich Health Insurance (India):
A joint venture between Apollo Hospitals and Munich Health, Apollo Munich Health Insurance has been a pioneer in providing both health and insurance related solutions. The company boasts of a workforce which is expert in both. It includes Easy Health Standard, Easy Health Executive and Easy Health Premium as options for the benefits for its consumers.

7. Aetna:
Aetna is an American company founded way back in 1853 providing consumer centered health care insurance products and related services. One of the best health insurance companies in the world, Aetna ensures cost effective and high quality health care. It also provides long-term insurance care and employee benefits by paying insurance (fully/partly) and various other benefit programs. Aetna was the first national full-service insurer to offer a consumer directed health insurance plan. It is instrumental in providing access to convenient tools and easy-to-understand information that help in formulating better decisions regarding insurance.

8. Aviva Health Insurance (India):
It is a joint venture between Dabur(India) and Aviva Group (one of UK’s largest insurance groups) , the association between them dates back to the year 1834 . The Aviva Health Secure Plan gives complete protection against critical illness at a very nominal cost. It is an online health insurance plan that takes care of individuals by paying a lump-sum amount as decided by the insured incase of diagnosis of any one of the 12 critical illness like cancer, heart attack etc . It is available in select cities across the country and is one of the most trusted online health insurance plans.

9. BUPA:
BUPA an acronym for “British United Provident Association” was founded in 1947 when 17 British provident associations came together to impart healthcare to the common masses. They started out with providing private medical insurance to the public, which further expanded to include privately run BUPA hospitals. Since its inception it has diversified from its core domain and is now venturing into services, primarily health insurance. The firm now has entered the Indian Health Insurance market through a joint venture with Max India.

10. UnitedHealth Group:
The American company is devoted to providing comprehensive health reform. Their stand-out approach towards health coverage encompassing all the elements like “cost containing” and enforcing strategies that support physicians, hospitals and other providers who ensure high quality of patient care. The company undertakes a comprehensive array of health benefit plans for individuals, small and mid-sized businesses, and large national and multi-national corporations. Serving more than 75 million individuals across continents, UnitedHealth Group is the largest organization to deliver health insurance benefits and other public healthcare programs.


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